Cleaning Businesses around Australia – less than $7,000? Don’t miss out!

Cleaning Businesses around Australia – less than $7,000? Don’t miss out!

Pro Help Australia is working hard to create ‘business in a box’ opportunities to be developed, affordable and ready for you.

We believe in opening independent ownership opportunities, a large part of our wider vision to develop business people just like you.


We strongly stand by the ideals of support and assistance. How as a new business owner, can you possibly be expected to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ and the ‘recipe for success’ overnight’,  suddenly knowing how to develop social media content, reach your audience, do the logistics, paperwork, meet accountants AND somehow make money fast so you aren’t back-peddling?

Without a team of experts dedicated to your success – you stand a high chance risk of being a statistic, like 50% of businesses in Australia who fall over in the first two years.

We NEVER want to see that happen!  You should be empowered, supported, educated and have a team of brains to help spread the information out across and support you while you learn the route to success. Business land can be lonely and difficult – we don’t believe it should ever have to be. Which is why we have decided to offer ‘businesses in a box’ including everything from forms, legal information, with initial accountancy consultation, website landing page to direct customers to you, assistance with Facebook and social media content as well as database farming to help you establish your business fast.

Contact us today to find out more, we would love to watch you flourish as you take control of your life, your career, your goals.

Here today, here tomorrow, here for you.

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