It begins! Australia’s first campaign to empower Carers to become CEO’s!

It begins! Australia’s first campaign to empower Carers to become CEO’s!

Across Australia and New Zealand, hundreds of thousands of individuals become carer’s for aged family and disabled children, sometimes overnight. This means, having to give up jobs they love, careers that define us, paychecks that fuel our financial independence and ultimately drive us towards our financial goals. Many of these parents become perpetual carers to their children. This could be you. The worst part is how little time these amazing people in our society, in our communities, get to adjust to this sudden, often permanent change in life plans, lifestyle, life goals. Suddenly, Centrelink, Disability Services, NDIS and government funding becomes the scary new, heartbreaking reality.

A life of dependency on supports, funded by government initiatives – programs that can be stopped, started, interfered with at any time, and you will have to pick up the pieces and find a way to march on, all the while trying to provide the best possible service to everyone in your life who needs you. Carers for one person in the family unit often end up becoming the tagged carer for many other family and friends, and many people become accustomed and oblige – usually feeling guilted into helping, pushing through the exhaustion to prove to people around us that we are still valuable, useful and worthy. I just want to take a minute right now to tell you, aside from all of this, whether you accept extra care work or whether you turn it down – you are worthy, you are more.  I see it. I know it. That’s why this campaign is for you.

We attach our identities, who we are, to what we do – that’s no secret. A perceived reduction in outside world value as far as future employ-ability, or general workplace suitability can make carer’s incredibly detached and despondent. Perpetual carers become harder to employ down the track – after all, usually those with tertiary education need to be working in their field for years to keep with education trends, moving up hierarchies to promotions they’ve planned since the first year they were in University. Having such a vast change from goal driven to day to day caring, which is an amazingly rewarding, yet demanding role, can mean a serious loss of identity which absolutely affects our parenting, our relationships, our mental, emotional and physical health – It all comes back to you… no pressure, right?!

Many parents of disabled children find they have no choice but to put their caring role first, and its something I think we can all confidently say we would do – but how many of us would put ourselves on the back-burner completely? Your identity is important, and being in harmony with that is they key to a happy, balanced family, strong relationships with our partners, friends and support networks. We do things differently here at Pro Help Australia – we do things differently. So in the spirit of solving community problems, and supporting our beloved families who’s children we care for, we do care plans for the parents and the one thing that keeps coming up, is work prospects, ideas of starting a business, ideas of furthering education, independence and reconnecting who they were and what drives them as individuals, aside from being a carer or parent.

So, we got to thinking. How can we improve your community, your family – yourself? How can we create opportunities, work life balance, financial freedom, jobs – individual purpose. We’ve done it! We came up with the answer. We’ve named the campaign, “More than just a Carer”  – because you are, more than just a carer.  You’re innovative, smart, driven, determined, looking for a tailored to your capacities, your availabilities and your desire to life life on your own terms. We hear you.

Please join our Facebook community and share this with friends you know need to feel like someone is in their court;  Check our next post to get more information on our launch of the beautiful, inspirational “More than just a Carer” Australia-wide campaign and get involved! We would love to hear from you. The time for change is now. We do things differently here – like improving families from the inside-out, encouraging strong connection with your identity outside of being a carer so the wonderful essence of who you are, the light behind your eyes doesn’t dull over time, but becomes stronger. We believe all people are entitled to leaving a legacy long after we are gone. Whats your legacy? We hope to help you find it, find yourself, realise your power, immerse yourself in the joy of personal success and inspire others to do the same.



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