Managing ‘Sensitive’ Issues

Pro Help Australia prides our services on being a judgement-free, mature and progressive organisation. We recognise that everyone is an individual, and recognise that everyone has different interests, different personalities and different needs. On occasion these things are sometimes difficult to discuss with workers, or may be seen as taboo, such as wishing to access sexual therapy services from registered professionals, going out to clubs or pubs to get a drink with your friends or even wishing to get a tattoo or piercing – just like anyone else in the community may want to do!

This is particularly true for higher functioning clients who have the right to experience life like everyone can, whether you have disabilities or not. We are open to having a mature conversation around these topics to see how they can be facilitated as a part of, or in addition to, their structured plans. 

It’s your life and you have a right to enjoy all the normal experiences that go with being an independent adult, and we look forward to assisting you to access the world in the safest, best possible way.

Managing Sensitive Issues

Community Nursing

Pro Help Australia’s nursing service provides high level medical care and attention from Registered Nurses who can facilitate Chronic Disease Management Plans.

This care extends to managing and supporting limited mobility clients and ensuring your maximum comfort and care instructions are met by your support workers, overseen by the Nursing team.

Managing Sensitive Issues

Continence Assessment and Chronic Disease Management

Continence management is a deeply personal issue, one that should be given the due care and attention it deserves, delivered by trained Registered Nursing Professionals. 

People qualified to work in the health sector have often recommended overly expensive, ill-fitting or uncomfortable continence solutions because it’s not their area of expertise – but this is where our team differs! 

Continence and Chronic Disease Management is a specialised area of knowledge, and we will refer you to someone specially trained and qualified and who is a member of the Continence Foundation of Australia. Click Here to make a Booking