Supported Living Services

Live Your Best Life with our Supported Living Services

Pro Help Australia has a robust process to ensure all clients are matched with the best service for their needs. Our Program Coordinators will not only ensure you have a hassle free sing up process, but also continue to work with you for the duration of your plan, so that you receive the highest level of support.

This begins with understanding you and what’s important in your life.

By exploring your goals, likes and interests, we find the best fit from our Support Workers you want to be around, and the type of personality you enjoy being with. We understand they are not just a support worker, but the doorway to your experiences in the world. We take great pride in working with you to match you with a good selection of our brilliant support workers with the skill levels, interests, personality and capabilities you need.

Whether at home, or in the community, your support workers are focused on you during the length of your shift
The length of time you have with your support worker is determined by your NDIS Plan and goals.
So it doesn’t matter if you spend time with your worker at home or out and about, you get the same level of quality support in any environment.


We find you the best support worker to match your needs. All our workers are fully trained and certified so they are able to assist you with all your needs in the following areas.

  • Personal Development – Including implementation of your recovery / support model working with your allied health professionals
  • Mental Health – Provide ongoing mental health support to feel safe and secure
  • Goals – Assist you to achieve your long, and short-term goals
  • Interpret Behaviours – Identify concerns that are worrying you and help to resolve them
  • Diet – Support to adhere to your diet and eating plan from your GP, Dietician or Nutritionist
  • Communication Support – helping you communicate confidently with other professional services, allied health providers and the broader community

Our staff receive ongoing training, and Pro help Australia team are all held to a high quality standard to provide the best level of supports.

This includes our No Phone policy.

This means that recreational personal use of phones by staff is forbidden whilst working. We believe you deserve the best, undivided attention during your support hours, from our quality staff.

One of the many good things is, our high standards actually attract high quality staff who have good people skills, are fun and enjoyable to be around and focused on giving you the best experience.

Our staff and their managers are focused on helping the client to achieve their goals, improving their mental health and wellbeing, and live their best life, everyday!

Managing Unexpected Occurrences

At Pro Help Australia we recognise that sometimes things occur that are outside of everyone’s control. A taxi might be late, or your immediate situation or needs have to be given priority, which can mean things don’t always happen in the desired time-frames.

We support our workers with flexible working arrangements. This means that if something happens where the support worker needs to give extra time or commitment towards the end of their shift to get a positive outcome for you, then they have the flexibility to make sure your outcomes are their first priority.

This means that you or your participant won’t be left in the lurch, simply because a shift has ended. Our workers are empowered to resolve the situation and provide a positive outcome for the client where they feel safe and supported.