Plan Management

If you have Plan Management funding in your NDIS Plan, your Plan Manager will help you navigate the NDIS system so you can make the most of your funding and achieve your goals, with access to a broader range of allied health and supported providers, rather than just NDIS approved providers.

Your Plan Manager handles all the paperwork involved in making purchases or paying for services through your NDIS funding categories, with all plans managed in accordance with NDIS guidelines.

Your Pro Help Australia Plan Manager will:

  • Answer the phone when you call, ensuring you will always speak with one of our friendly team who really know you and can help educate you through this process of managing your NDIS plan
  • Receive invoices and pay providers on your behalf
  • Help you budget and keep track of your funds
  • Take care of the required financial reporting for you
  • Help you build skills, should you wish to transition to self-management of your NDIS funds
  • Provide you with monthly statements to keep track of your spending

Plan Management is one of the many subsidiary services the broader Pro Help Australia Group offers. 

Our Plan Management team, who are not only qualified BAS and tax agents, but also have an intimate understanding of the NDIS and how your funding can work for your needs. 

The Plan Management service provided by Pro Help Australia provides access to a highly personalised service and someone who understands plans, knows how they work and is able to help you make it come to life, all while being encouraged and educated by our personable team.

We will monitor the spend of your budget and provide you with automated activity statements every month so you can always be up to date with your spending and finances. 

This great communication helps you and your service providers to ensure there are never any misunderstandings around your funding so you don’t run into any funding issues where you could end up without the services you rely on. 

We believe in good old customer service and providing timely support, advice and funding management. That’s our commitment to providing you with a great NDIS experience!