For NDIS Participants – Support Coordination to meet all your needs
Our Support Coordinators have over 35 years of combined experience and take great care during the discovery process to understand you and ensure your plan, allied health needs and support workers exactly match your needs.

The discovery process looks at your current needs across a number of areas including:

Family – Maintaining connection to family
Social – Providing choice of activities
Independence – Facilitating the supported independence you seek
Personal Goals – Examine goals and how they can be achieved
Recovery / Development Model – Support your learning, growth and development
The fundamental goal to improve health and well being and connectedness to family, friends and community and make connections with professionals that will assist with this process.

The role of a Support Coordinator is to provide the correct advice and support to you around how to work with the NDIS to achieve your goals and health needs. We do this by continually working with you to ensure you are on track and anything related to your wellbeing that you may need assistance in managing is met. This can include helping you to communicate and manage mainstream supports (doctors, dentists) to allied health supports (psychology, podiatry, occupational therapy).

Your Support Coordinator has a duty of care to your wellbeing and our team is dedicated to ensuring you are empowered to make the right decisions for your life. Chat to our team today to meet your local Support Coordinator, matched to meet your needs with their strengths, skills and connections to give you the best possible outcomes.

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Become a Support Coordinator with Pro Help Australia
Wanting to work from home, but would like to be fully supported and guided by a company already thriving in the NDIS industry? Pro Help Australia Subcontractors are designed to deliver maximum work life balance for burn out prevention, greater earning potential, professional development, resource support and an awesome community of like minded professionals from around Australia.

Instead of paying our thousands to establish a business, spend time marketing and trying to get yourself set up only to be completely self reliant and taking the full risk of running your own business without any support or provisions – we do all the heavy lifting for you. Best of all you have the ability to manage your time around your lifestyle.

No audit costs, minimal administration costs, maximum automation for administration – which leaves you with more room for billable hours and a business that can grow fast, should you wish to employ other Support Coordinators or expand into other service areas within the NDIS.

We take care of:
Coaching, network connections and professional development from our industry experts who you’ll get to meet and work with in our active online community.
Shared knowledge pool to help you work smarter not harder, making sure you are maximizing your billing potential and assisting you to be efficient for your clients and prevent professional burnout.
CRM software included to assist your caseload management, with features such as auto generated Service Agreements.
Automatic systems for invoice claims and payments, so minimal accounting needs or costs.
Policies, procedures and professional development training.
Web, social media and SEO presence to promote your Support Coordination services on our Pro Help Australia website.
Your own Pro Help Australia email address and Drive access set up and ready to use.
Pro Help Australia is NDIS registered, so you auspice through us. Which means no out of pocket expense for audit and compliance processes – which can cost thousands and countless hours of time every 18 months!
Our team on the ground who are working to build our online community, so you can rest easy knowing we are fully behind you and are keen to assist you in building your business.

Online Training
Did you know we offer online Support Coordination training courses? Click here to find out more information.

Coaching and Mentorship
Are you a Support Coordinator looking for mentorship? See more information about our program here

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