Support Coordination to meet all your needs

Our Support Coordinators have over 35 years of combined experience and take great care during the discovery process to understand you and ensure your plan, allied health needs and support workers exactly match your needs.

The discovery process looks at your current needs across a number of areas including:

  • Family – Maintaining connection to family
  • Social – Providing choice of activities
  • Independence – Facilitating the supported independence you seek
  • Personal Goals – Examine goals and how they can be achieved
  • Recovery / Development Model – Support your learning, growth and development

The fundamental goal to improve health and well being and connectedness to family, friends and community and make connections with professionals that will assist with this process.

The role of a Support Coordinator is to provide the correct advice and support to you around how to work with the NDIS to achieve your goals and health needs. We do this by continually working with you to ensure you are on track and anything related to your wellbeing that you may need assistance in managing is met. This can include helping you to communicate and manage mainstream supports (doctors, dentists) to allied health supports (psychology, podiatry, occupational therapy).

Your Support Coordinator has a duty of care to your wellbeing and our team is dedicated to ensuring you are empowered to make the right decisions for your life. Chat to our team today to meet your local Support Coordinator, matched to meet your needs with their strengths, skills and connections to give you the best possible outcomes.

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