Support Coordination Contractors to Pro Help Australia

 Need to work from home, but would like to be fully supported and guided by a company already thriving in the industry? 

Pro Help Australia has an emerging need for a team of Support Coordinators in the Toowoomba region, with expansion into Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, and Sunshine Coast regions very soon.  Our organisation has decided to offer these positions, as independent Contractors to Pro Help Australia. The positions are designed to deliver maximum work life balance, burn out prevention, above industry employment payment earning potential, professional development and resource support.

 Instead of having to be fully self funded, self reliant and taking the full risk of running your own business without any support or provisions, we would like to offer you the opportunity for us to support you, and to minimise the expense of setting up a new career, by offering you the following: 

  • Promotional, marketing and a branding campaign including social media, and access to our ever growing promotions team dedicated to innovative marketing.
  • Branded professional looking uniforms for impressive presentation. Pro Help Australia prides itself on our management and client relations team always being the best dressed professionals in the room.
  • Coaching, supervision, network connections and professional development from our industry experts who you will be working beside you in our office
  • Office access to printers, digital tech and automation systems to keep you efficient and market forward.
  • Hot desk access one day a week (to start, more days available if required) for you to work alongside your Pro Help industry colleagues. 
  • Shared knowledge pool to help you work smarter not harder, making sure you are maximising your billing potential and assisting you to be efficient for your clients and prevent burnout. 
  • Automatic systems for invoicing of your time, so minimal accounting needs
  • Access to our bookkeepers, Plan Management Team, Core Supports and Continence Clinical team, Cleaners and our ever growing Franchise services base of businesses working to the same policies, procedures and delivery of client focused services for you to refer to and in turn, receive referrals for Support Coordination
  • Web presence to promote your Support Coordination services on our Pro Help Australia website
  • Ability to manage your time around your lifestyle
  • Business Management systems to assist your caseload management, stakeholder and client communications
  • Your own Pro Help email address
  • NDIS approval auspiced from Pro Help Australia which means no out of pocket expense for audit and compliance processes – which can cost thousands of $$ every 18 months!
  • Our team on the ground who are working to build community presence will also help to build connections with other allied health and referring businesses to build your caseload to capacity. So you can rest easy knowing we are fully behind you and are keen to assist you in building your business.


How does it work?

 We know that it can take time to build your caseload of plan managed participants. We will assist as much as possible to keep connections, community awareness and promotion, and we anticipate that you will want and need to get out there, get connected and promote yourself too, which you can do with confidence knowing you have a knowledgeable team and sub clinical support.

 For all of the inclusions listed above, we charge a 30% commission from your claimed client fees, which is invoiced as a business expense to you. We will also provide assistance from our qualified bookkeeper to set you up as a small business. Your payments will process automatically fortnightly, and will give you the consistency you need to maintain the lifestyle you’re wanting to build.

 All you’ll need is an ABN, your own smart phone and a laptop, and a commitment to building your business with our help, If you have a home office, a personal vehicle and other tax deductible items you wish to use in your business, our Bookkeeping expert Kylie will meet with you 1 hour per month to assist you in developing your business deductions to ensure your profitability.

 Basically, at full capacity, an example of relatively low grade budget for Support Coordination could look like the below:

 12 participants x $6000 of funding each (which is an average amount for level 1 Support Coordination) for a year’s plan = $60.16 per hour Level 1 Support Coordination rate*

  • + 6 participants x $8000 (which is an average amount for level 2 Support Coordination) = $98.06 per hour Level 2 Support Coordination rate*
  • *increasing annually with review of the NDIS Price Guide

 Total earnings per year (example): 

 Level 1 = $72,000 + Level 2 = $48,000 = $120,000  

 – $36000 = 30% Contractor operational support costs 

 = $84,000 of your own income. 

Balanced working hours around your lifestyle, providing quality to ensure repeat business, with the backing you need to maximise your personal and professional goals. 

 This is an extremely limited offer and exclusive to only a small amount of positions per region. Pro Help Australia are seeking a high standard of Human Services professionals, with experience and qualifications in a relevant field. 

It is our belief that this is how Support Coordination could and should be best offered to the NDIS market, helping to guide and professionally support the lives of people of all ages living with disabilities and their families. 

 If you believe this opportunity is for you, please contact us at your earliest convenience to avoid missing out, as there are limited spaces available per region. All enquiries are welcome and a follow up interview with our Management team will be booked for suitable candidates. 

Contact us on 1800 776 435 or email connect@prohelpaustralia.com.au