Terms and Conditions of Family Service Agreements

Pro Help Australia’s Family Care Service Agreements have terms and conditions, to protect you, your loved ones and our care staff. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us – connect@prohelpaustralia.com.au. Or call us on 1800 776 435.

Pre-Shift Documentation: As part of our sign-on process for our Family Service Agreements, we will require some personal information about your family. These details are important and can affect how we provide care so please ensure the information is kept current. All information is protected by the Privacy Act 1997, and we do not give out your information to third parties. We recommend that you contact us to check and update your information every 3-4 months or as changes occur.

Shift Documentation: We have strict policies and procedures for safety, that our staff must follow, particularly around documentation of daily care, injuries, medication, transport and safety. All forms must be approved by a parent or guardian, so please be patient with our staff when they ask for these signatures. Before the beginning of every shift, please leave enough time to sign-in our carer, walk them through the daily care needs and to fill in medication or transport forms. Without these done, we cannot commence our care shift. Upon your return, please sign-out our carer and any forms required.

Sleepover shifts: We can provide a carer to stay overnight, and this is called a ‘sleepover’ shift. You will however need to provide a clean, safe and appropriate place for the carer to sleep. Sleepover shifts, can have 8 hours of active care booked either side of the sleepover. Eg: 4hrs before and after the sleepover, or just 8hrs before.  Sleepover rate is applied from 10pm – 6am, and any shift ending after 12am (midnight) will automatically be considered a sleepover and charged accordingly. Additionally, if both parent and carer agree, carer can finish the care shift earlier than official finish time of 6am, if parent has come home.

If a carer is awoken during a sleepover shift to provide care for more than 5 minutes, overtime rates are charged in half hour blocks, for each time they are woken.

Membership System: Our Service Agreements have different pricing levels depending on whether you choose to be a Pro Help Member or not. Members receive discounted hourly rates, plus discount on Emergency Care Rates and transport. Membership is paid yearly in advance and is $156* per year, for the first 3 children or 1 aged/disabled family member. If extra dependants need to be covered then membership is $78* per unit (ie another 3 children or another 1 aged/dis) is added. Membership is recommended for families who would need us for more than 40 hrs per year, as the membership pays for itself by this stage. Eg: Care for 6hrs a week x 6.5 weeks (based on the $156). Membership system is not available for NDIS participants. (*current until 30 june 2018).

Cooling off period for memberships agreements: You may cancel your membership within 48 hours of sign up to the service, but it must be in writing. Your membership fee will be refunded, less any fees for services used during the cooling off period, and an administration fee of 10% of your total membership amount. For cancellations of a membership after this time, we require this in writing with a least two week’s notice. Refunds are not given if you change your mind after the cooling off period.

Emergency Care Rate: Any shift booked with less than 8 hrs notice is considered emergency care, and has a surcharge of 10% for members or 15% for non-members, on the applicable hourly rate. If you are a first time user of our service then shift must be paid in full up front, and sign up paperwork will need to be done prior to shift start. Emergency care is an exceptionally valuable service for working parents, especially as schools and daycare centres prefer children not to attend when ill.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel or change a booked shift, please let us know as far in advance as possible. Cancellations with less than 3 hours notice incur the equivalent of a 1 hour fee as per the applicable hourly rate.

Payments: If you have chosen to become a member, your yearly membership fee is due payable upon sign up, and then renewed each yearly cycle. All new Family Care Service users will need to pay their first care shift up front, after which care shifts will be post-invoiced. Please note, Pro Help Australia requires payment within 7 day from date of invoice. If you are having trouble paying your invoice, please email us immediately at connect@prohelpaustralia.com.au to avoid possible late payment fees/interest. We also reserve the right to suspend our services until the invoice has been paid in full.

Carer Ratios: Pro Help Australia has different carer to dependant ratios depending on the service we provide. For standard child care our ratio is 1 carer per 3 children. For special event childminding the ratio is 1 carer to 4 children. For aged or disability care, or NDIS services the ratio is 1:1. As we need to ensure the ratios of carer to dependants is adequate and reasonable, our fees for service are based on the number of carers required for a shift. If you have any queries around ratios and pre-bookings, please contact us.

Choice of Carer: Pro Help Australia will always endeavour to provide the optimum Carer for your family. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with your Carer for any reason, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to locate a replacement Carer as quickly as possible. Although we aim to have a fast turn around, please allow reasonable time for the replacement Carer’s safe arrival.

If you have a consistent booking, please note that sometimes your regular Carer may be unavailable. We will provide your replacement Carer with relevant information about your family’s care needs, although we recommend you allow a few minutes extra to discuss care needs, when your Carer arrives.

Additional dependants: Extra family members can be added to your existing Family Service Agreement provided that additions are done so with a minimum 24 hours notice before care shift commences, and any extra fees required are paid to cover the extra dependents. We will only care for the dependents listed on the family file. If your home has a guest, or another dependant that you have accepted responsibility for, Pro Help Australia reserves the right to refuse care to these additional dependants without this prior notice. Failure to notify us without allowing adequate time to collect and process the required information, means we may also cancel the booked care shift. We reserve the right to cancel the shift for safety and insurance reasons, and can do so as soon as we become aware of the breach. Any cost incurred by Pro Help Australia, directly related to the cancellation of the shift, which is due to your failure to notify us, will be charged to you.

Domestic Duties: Our Carers are happy to help out with light domestic chores such as washing dishes, tidying up toys or after activities, folding washing or cooking food, snacks or making school lunches. Please be aware that any heavy domestic chores are not a part of your Pro Help Carer’s job responsibility and they maintain an ability to decline heavy chores or work that would be done by a domestic cleaner. This is for the Workplace Health and Safety of our workers whilst in your home as their primary responsibility is to monitor dependants. Also, for WH&S compliance, for any home without modern electrical safety switches, domestic duties are limited to those not requiring electrical equipment.

Care for Sick Dependants: We are available for at home sick care, but we cannot provide care if dependant needs immediate medical attention (ie:high fever) or is still in the communicable phase of a contagious disease. We are able to delegate medications up to a schedule 8, and we can assist with administering of medications such as Panadol, Nurofen, antibiotics and other doctor prescribed medications. However we cannot direct inject via intravenous methods, peg-feed medications or administer without prior clearance from the parent/guardian, with readable, clear instructions printed on the medication packet from a chemist or doctor. If we cannot read the label clearly, we are not able to administer the medication, even with consent of the parent or guardian. The safety and security of your loved ones is our top priority but we cannot be held responsible for incorrect dosages due to illegible or incorrect labelling. Also a Medication Authorisation form needs to be filled in and signed at the beginning of the shift with dosage, times and other details. We will also take a photo of the label on the packaging for our records.

Respite for you: Sometimes it’s yourself who needs the looking after, and we can help with that too. If you are unwell or just have your hands too full, we can come and help out with the family for the day, while you rest or catch up on your to-do list.

Transport of Dependants: We can assist with school pickups, transport to extra curricular activities or other transportation needs. Transport is charged at $1.87 per km for members and $1.95 for non-members and NDIS participants, calculated from care location to other nominated location. We are happy to help families transport their dependants to where they need to be, but we will require the Transportation Form to be filled in and signed by the parent/guardian prior to pick up and or drop off by our Carer. Without this form signed, we will be unable to complete the transport during this shift, as we need to have clearance from the parents/guardians in advance. Limited numbers of Carer’s are available for transport so we ask kindly if you can provide us with reasonable notification to ensure we have a suitable Carer available. Our Carer’s are required to keep their staff files updated with their licence, insurance and road worthy vehicle information; just one of the ways we are committed to the safety and security of your loved ones.

All transportees in the Carer’s vehicle are requested to observe the safety rules and uphold the respect for the Carer and their vehicle whilst driving. For the sake of everyone’s safety dangerous or irresponsible behaviour in the Carer’s vehicle may result in the Carer needing to cease driving duties. Our Carers drive safely at all times, even if it means delays in arrival due to weather, road conditions or behaviour of passengers, so please be understanding and patient.

All children under the age of 7 are legally required to be in a car seat or booster seat that meets minimum safety needs by law. Young children needing transport without a carseat provided will be unable to be transported and will need an alternative means of transport. Car seats are required to be provided and installed in our Carer’s vehicle by the booking parent/guardian, or parent-approved representative. If this means our Carer travelling to a parent’s work place to pick up the car seat and ensure a safe place to have the seat installed, then please allow enough time for this to happen, and be aware that the per km fee will be added for the additional travel.

Changes to your Service Agreement

If changes are required, we can review the Service Agreement with you. Any changes to your Service Agreement will be in writing, signed, and dated by you and Pro Help Australia.

Ending your Service Agreement

Should either you or Pro Help Australia wish to end this Service Agreement they must give 2 weeks notice. If either party seriously breaches this Service Agreement the requirement of notice will be waived.

Feedback, complaints and disputes

If you wish to give us feedback, or have concerns about our service, you can email connect@prohelpaustralia.com.au  or  phone 1800 776 435.

Use of our service is synonymous with signed acceptance of our terms and conditions. We recommend that you read these thoroughly as it remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure all terms and conditions are understood and complied with. We look forward to serving your family!